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15 August, 2019



Oracle is one of the most powerful relations database management system it is based on the client server architecture A client sends the requests such as connection to the database or retrieving data from the database for several operation is server accepts, processes and returns the results of the request such as the data requested by the client . back to the client . Oracle provide the software for both the server and the client.

Oracle popularity is based on large measure of exceptional performance and scalability for user applications and data.
Oracle is organised into Central kernel path and variety of interfaced tools that make use of it as General organisation of the product is represented conceptional ly
The kernel part of the structure is responsible for the definition and storage of data. database access control and concurrent access  handling backup and recovery of the database and interpretation of SQL command. Although some of the user interfaces provided by the Oracle tools do not require the use of SQL on the part of their uses the interface between all tools and the kernel is driven buy SQL commands and the responses the kernel make to the oracles provided Full support for communications network and distributed database with its SQL  net and SQL  star product
The architecture of Oracle comprises of database and instance in Oracle database is a collection of file having data and programs to manage the data. The instance comparises of the memory structures and processes the memory structures are area of the computers memory that are used to store the data of the database. The processes operate on the database end memory structures to perform various database operation such as fetching data from the database and storing in the memory structure. the memory area located from the Oracle instant is called SGA or system Global Area
Several Feature Of Oracle.

  • Supporting SQL.
  • Supporting PL / SQL.
  • Supporting Java.
  • Supporting LOBs.
  • Program of 3Gl language to access Oracle     database.
  • Providing access in Oracle data.
  • Providing g u i tools to administer the   Oracle database.
  • Wordings multiply method for database    networking.
  • Allow transfer of data from the database   to another.
  • Supporting distributed and store large   value of data.
  • Allowing parallelization of task to speed      up database operation.
  •  Supporting backup and recovery of the     Oracle database.

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india google all farmate

india google all farmate