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11 July, 2018

Such musicians of India who have subjected themselves to music all over the world

Such musicians of India who have  subjected themselves to music all

                over the world

Today, information about the music heritage of Madhya Pradesh culture based in India will get the name of the Madhya Pradesh composer who is also working in the modern era, the composer whose voice becomes the target of the entire world. Today, information about such musicians can be found in the articles Are going to tell which are related to Madhya Pradesh .

Musician Emperor Tansen

Musician Emperor Tansen Hearted to show the effect of music in the court of Akbar Badshah Tansen performed the sadhana of Deepak Raga Gradually all the eloquence proved and kept in the court watching Deepa's great son, the great singer Tansen was born in the very village near Gwalior. His guru's name was Haridas and Baiju Bawra was his master brother, India has a unique tradition of music. This tradition started with the Gwalior Gharana. A three-day All India Tansen festival is organized in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This event is organized jointly at the place of worship in Gwalior and at their birth place. In the field of classical music, Tariyasan, Mian Malhar, and Mian Ki Sarang, etc. composed of many Ragas Raagans, Tansen had created music. His achievements in our hearts are still alive today as the creation of Maha Ganga Mauhar is also purified by the grace of Tansen, through Gwalior. Tansen continues to spread abroad through his Mehra brand of music, Alauddin Khan Music Academy was set up in memory of him.
Music is the reward of thousands of years of hard work of the saints, in which society does not have the place of art, the society becomes unbearable, in which society, the musicians like Kumar Gandharva are born, the country becomes blessed .

Kumar Gandharva, second musician of Madhya Pradesh

Kumar Gandharva's real name was Sidram Komkali. He became famous as a child singer in a short age of 7 years after receiving his education from Pandit B. R. Deodhar. Kumar Gandharva gave a new dimension to Malviya songs by offering him a new dimension. Tulsidas , Singing Kabirdas and Meera's posts inspired by their common man's voice, Raga Malwati Lagan, Gandhar Saheli Todi and composition of Gandhi Malhar Raga B Anupam Raj Vilas book learning music written music lovers called also music seeker Kumar Gandharva music service for Pdmbhusn, Pdmvibhusn, Kalidas, respect and is held annually Kumar Gandharva Music Festival in the Dewas were awarded the top honor.

Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar started the journey of singing Lata Mangeshkar in Madhya Pradesh's Indore Nagar from 1947, she decorated her vocals in every language of Dharm-language songs but she is a singer of a proper national nation. Saraswati herself is sitting in her embrace, only then at this stage of age Even his singing is still attractive, the sadhana of his music is the result of constant penance. Their daily routine is illustrated with their will, the power of their success. Lata ji was honored with the highest civilian award of the country Bharat Ratna, besides her other awards are Dadasaheb Phalke Award Padam Bhushan and Padam Vibhushan.
Music and Madhya Pradesh are complementary to each other. The mention of Madhya Pradesh can not be completed without music, there is no limit to the state. It is the state of the country that the soil is fertile. The tree of the world is fond of the tree or paradise lover to shadow and gentlemen Providing beauty.

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