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17 July, 2018


            computer virus

Computer virus is a program that interferes with the operation of sites in their normal way which in reality deletes a computer program to steal the data to generate data mess, enter the computer without the user's permission do.

Computer data is the lifeline of any organization with business. It is hard work and research for thousands or even millions of hours, if such a virus gets into such data, then it loses all its details and hard work.

(Fact file The first PC virus was a boot sector virus named Brain, which was released by aliens in Lahore, Pakistan in 1987.)

The person of Virus is a Vita Information Resource, which is under the essential processing of size of computers such as memory processor processor speed data and can not have normal operation in the programs and can be damaged if the virus is separated.
The virus automatically displays the response itself to the files in order to interfere with the data, which means that if you make a mistake, the virus reaches your files and it gradually captures it, due to which Our files do not open properly, they show errors in it and many problems arise and allow more and more computer files to rotate. The virus program does the computer for things that you do not want to enter into infected sloppy or internet email normally, to avoid identity, the secretly hidden virus program can be prolonged for a specific signal for long periods and quietly inactive Or even can trigger checks in the host computer to trigger some virus programs.
Computer viruses and therapeutic virus are both different, computer viruses should not be linked to a medical virus because the therapeutic virus is the one that damages our biological body and destroys our cells, whereas computer viruses are stored in the computer And harm the program by writing it or trash it with garbage.

Trojan horses, worms and spyware are associated with virus programs that pretend to be useful applications, while they always do something destructive. A trojan can only spread when it is copied to any other system.
Worm is a special type of virus that can not itself add itself to other programs using repeat and memory
Malware is a software that enters damage without user.There is a problem creating malware programs. Ima Trojan Horse or Spyware Malware not only disrupts the normal work of Comm Mortent Information
Spyware is a type of malware installed on a computer and collects it in its knowledge.
Spyware programs secretly monitor user's computing personal information such as internet surfing habits, visited web pages and trailing backgrounds for any other person. Sometimes they speed up computer settings and also change the wrong functionality of other programs. Spawn also collects various types of information about users, and they will receive e-mail addresses, passwords and even credit card numbers in the T-notification. Regarding the results in slow connection formation.
Let's Know More Popular -

 Viruses Jerusalem or Israeli Virus
 Brain or Pakistani Brain
 April First
ncing Ball
 Stoned (Marijuana)
 Dark Avenger 

Types of viruses
Viruses can be classified into two major categories:
1- boot virus
2- program file virus
 Boot viruses: These viruses transmit boot record or master boot record. They replace the BO record, which is responsible for copying it elsewhere and loading the operating system into memory. Bo virus activates when booting the machine. Examples are: disk killer, stone viruses, etc.
Program file viruses: These viruses can infect executable files, such as .com, exe, ovi, .drv, sys etc. These programs are loaded into memory during execution. T virus activates in memory by repeating itself and infecting files on disk.
Example -sunday, Cascade, etc.

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