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13 July, 2018

Regarding the history and modernization of Indian post

              Indian  post 

     History and modernization 

this article we will know about its history and its modernization of India's postal service, then the postal service was started in the same country in 1837. The first postal stamp was issued in Karachi city of India which is located in Jharkhand Belongs to the state. Karachi In 1852, the first postage stamp was issued, which was only Vaidya in Sindh Sube, and after the independence of the postal services it was seen when the country became independent, at that time there were 23344 post offices in India, whose number increased further to 155035 in March 2008.             
                              Indian Postal Network is the world's largest network. On the basis of average in India, a post office has been placed on an area of ​​21 sq. Km, in which the first 7774 people served their population, with the view to accelerate the postal system, in 1872, a new facility was given in the name of Postal Index (PIN number) India's record is that she is the first in the world in the Postal Service. The India Post Service System does its job very quickly, People use postal service; Nearly 50 percent of people use postal services Postal purpose number ie PIN website importance is being sent for information. Speed ​​post service started in 1986, post offices currently being fast modernized. In 2006 and 974, 9674 post offices were computerized and very fast computer arrangements were made in all post offices today. There are computers in almost all post offices in the country. Bank facility in the Indian Post Offices Speed ​​Post Transfer Insurance Related Fix Deposit MONEY ORDER and Lease is the postal service of India from modern schemes. Money order service by postal service in India under general money order system introduced in 1880 Each money order can send an amount of upto Rs 5,000, post office savings bank is the largest savings bank in the country, on its network Post offices are spread all over the country, from the village to the city, the postal systems are very good.     
                    It is being developed at very rapid pace. Modern means are being used in order to make the postal system better. Universal Postal Union and Asian Pacific Postal Union Commission in India are members of 1876 and 1964, with the objective of sending the postal service Expanding India's Postal Service is linked to all the countries of the world, including Speed ​​Post, Express Post, Business Post, Media Post, Satelai In order to reorganize and promote in accordance with modern business perspective, the Directorate General of Business Development was formed in February 1984.  In the modern era, the success of service in India has to be used from time to time as per the requirement, due to which people did not face any kind of problem, therefore postal is considered as a successful saver in India. Postal service works as a bank

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