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21 July, 2018

Social media about

            The popularity of social media

Social media is different from the general media, it can be controlled, in fact, the website related to social media society gives you not just information. The history of social media in India is more than 15 years old as blogging started in 2009. Then there were steps for social media in India.  was the first time that people who used computers and the internet thought that they could create their own platform, to create their own blog, to create a website and to make a career on social media, you could create a blog without spending a single penny on your blog. Can post. The second advantage was that now people can respond to it by reading the blog. And the other can do anything else in it, as a block moderator, you can control it too, it was easier than the website, for this you did not have to buy space on the server and in this it was to register the name but instead you could Keeps Drawing. This intersection is quite normal such as asking for a comment from the leader or voting for articles but only media such as newspaper TV can not comment on you, but after watching the social media, you can immediately process it.
                                                   Social's most popular and attractive social media blogs Facebook Twitter etc. You can connect with each other, the most prominent form of social media is called Facebook. You can make a long debate by making a comment. The biggest weapon online is Facebook Twitter, people have supported this movement and its issue, the most popular social media, Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram, Twitter Blogs, Linkin and many other social media that is differently known in every country. WhatsApp is a very famous social media in India that helps people connect with each other Facebook is such a social media Twitter along with Facebook has become a different identity in the United States, Twitter comes in the way of Facebook worldwide, but both social media helps in adding a whole world. Exchange of one another is popular on all languages, social media connects millions of users. Through them, social politics, film industry, business and many more information is also being said to be a store of social media knowledge through social media, people also have business and income through social media. Through which a lot of people have made a career in this social media career.
It's easy to create a blog now. Free hosting and free usernames are provided by Google, so you can easily create your blog and write your post and share it on social media Block blogging is the easiest in India. Neither do you have to spend money nor buy any kind of space. You can make a career with the block. You can earn lakhs from it. You can send your thoughts all over the world, is a great platform to build a block career, from which you can earn millions. You can also look at the articles written in the blog, in the computer and mobile. Today all the people have a smartphone, through which you can read all the blogs easily, you can express your feedback on it if you like it on social media. You can also share.

Facebook Facebook is a social media through which you can share your message Photo Birthday Special Business video calling, information about your product product, etc. to each other, you can get all the information on Facebook, your articles on Festivals, Funny Images etc. on Facebook Facebook is a very popular social media in India, through which people celebrate their thoughts to their festivals Facebook is known worldwide for displaying ideas and for messages and image shares. Many advertising navigators have joined hands to promote their products from Facebook, through which anyone who wants to pursue a career on Facebook can make a career.

WhatsApp India has become a popular shayar in which people can share messages, video and video sharing, and share many other things through WhatsApp, you can create a group through WhatsApp. And you can make all the messages together. To create WhatsApp, you must have an email ID mobile number. You can enjoy WhatsApp through mobile number.

Instagram This is also like WhatsApp, you can share messages videos in it and also through mobile number email ID you can add it on. You can post an image in the post of your choice, as well as for the Instagram image. It is famous that you can share your photos and more and create your own ideas Instagram is popular in all countries like WhatsApp .           

Twitter came along with Facebook, writing a message in just 140 characters and sharing it with hundreds of thousands of instant people, this technique was very cool. It will not be welcomed like Facebook, but it is very soon all over the world. Twitter could touch the scope of popularity, and the example of its success, film politics, business advertising education etc. made the grip of Twitter very strong Through this we use Twitter to tweet many celebrities today, through Twitter all over the world, only the big people who have their own husbands Twitter, are still working on Twitter through Twitter, all over the world. Spreads can connect with hundreds of people in real time through Twitter, all the people who follow them get the news of moments through twitter.             

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