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01 April, 2024

PM Vishwakarma Scheme Objectives

 PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Scheme Objectives

PM Vishwakarma is a new scheme and envisages to provide end-to-end holistic Support to the

Traditional artisans craftspeople in scaling up of their conventional products and services.

The objectives of the scheme are as given below:

1. To enable the recognition of artisans and craftspeople as Vishwakarma making them eligible

to avail all the benefits under the Schemne.

2. To provide skill upgradation to hone their skills and make relevant and suitable training opportunities

available to them.

3. To provide support for better and modern tools to enhance their capability, productivity, and quality

of products.

4 To provide the intended beneficiaries an easy access to collateral free credit and reduce the cost of credit by providing interest subvention.

5. To provide incentives for digital transaction to encourage the digital empowerment of these Vishwakarmas.

6. To provide a platform for brand promotion and market linkages to help them access new opportunities for growth.\

PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

1. An artisan or craftsperson working with hands and tools and engaged in one of the 18 family-based traditional trades mentioned in the scheme, in unorganized sector on self-employment basis, shall be eligible for registration under PM Vishwakarma.

2. The minimum age of the beneficiary should be 18 years on the date of registration.

3. The beneficiary should be engaged in the concerned trade on the date of registration and should not have availed loans under similar credit-based schemes of Central Government or State Government for self-employment/ business development, e.g. PMEGP, PM SVANidhi, Mudra, in the past 5 years.

4. The registration and benefits under the Scheme shall be restricted to one member of the family. For availing benefits under the Scheme, a 'family' is defined as consisting of the husband, wife and unmarried children.

5. A person in government service and their fanmily members shall not be eligible under the Schemne.

1. Recognition:

Recognition Vishwakarma through Certificate and ID Card

2. Skilling:as Scheme Benefits

a. Skill Verification followed by 5-7 days (40 hours) Basic Training

b. Interested candidates can also enroll for 15 days (120 hours) Advanced Training

c. Training Stipend: Rs 500 per day

3. Toolkit Incentive: Rs 15,000 grant

4. Credit Support:

a. Enterprise Development Loans: Rs 1 lakh (First Tranche for 18 months repayment) & Rs 2 lakh (Second Tranche for 30 months repayment) Collateral free

b. Concessional Rate of Interest: 5% to be charged from the beneficiary with Interest Subvention cap of 8% to be paid by MOMSME

C. Credit Guarantee fees to be borne by Gol

5. Incentive for Digital Transaction:

Re l per transaction for maximum uptol00 transactions (monthly)

6. Marketing support National Committee for Marketing (NCM) will provide services such as Quality Certification, Branding & Promotion, E-commerce linkage, Trade Fairs advertising, publicity and other marketing activities.

Eligible Trades


Wood Based

Carpenter (Suthar)

Boat Maker

Iron/Metal Based*l


Stone Based


Blacksmith (Lohar)

Hammer and Tool

Kit Maker


Sculptor (Moortikar,

stone carver), Stone


Gold/silver Based

Goldsmith (Sunar)

Clay Based

Potter (Kumhaar)

Leather Based




Footwear Artisan



Mason (Raajmistri)


Basket/ Mat/ Broom

Maker/ Coir Weaver

Doll & Toy Maker


Barber (Naai)

Garland Maker




Tailor (Darzi)

Fishing Net Maker

Note: (") Also includes manufacture of Bronze, Brass, Copper, Dias, Utensils,

Figurines, etc.

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